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Aashish Bista


It’s me Aashish Bista, all the way from Biratnagar, Nepal

Well i started making free blogs on www.blogger.com since 2008/09 after I completed by +2 in Science faculty. I am passionate about blogging, doing and testing search engine optimization, flipping with domains and websites. These days i am enjoying the work that i choose almost 8-9 years ago that allows me to live laptop lifestyle, being own Boss.

Do what your inner you says, not what people want you to be. It will take you to your destiny.

People i shouldn’t forget mentioning whose help and support i can never forget:

Saurav Baral : This guy introduced me to the world of making money online. It was ppc sites like bux.to. Although i didn’t got any cash out of them but it gave me an idea that we can make money online.

Online Job Point Nepal : They taught me the basics about blogs and AdSense. I still remember i only attended 2 days out of 7 days training class and rushed back to Biratnagar.

Sagar Thapa / Sushil Regmi : My lovely maternal uncles who provided me an environment to use Computer and Internet. It feels amazing these days when i remember those days. I wasn’t capable to have a computer asI didn’t had my personal computer and Uncle Sagar introduced me to Sushil Uncle who was running Einstein International where i can use their computer lab. O Ya, there was a guy, i couldn’t remember his name. But he was too supportive so i can go and stay in the lab  as much as i want at any time.

Prakash Upreti : He was the one who upgraded me from blogger.com’s blogs. He helped me getting this aashish.com.np and hosted it for the first time where i installed WordPress and started blogging.

Rabins Lamichhane : The guy, who was a killer coder / programmer from young age. He taught me more about WordPress that helped me to start working with self hosted websites with co.cc extension domains which were available free those days.

Later when i went to the UK, i started working with TLD domains, doing seo, ranking lot of niche websites and more…

I can’t forget my Elder Maternal uncle Shambhu Thapa whose 1500 Cash that fueled me to join Online Job Point and get the basics about Making Money Online. Nikhil, Nishit, Goma Maiju, Kiran Mama, i can’t forget your support during my stay at Kathmandu. I came to know about Online Job Point as it was the next house where i was staying with Nikhil’s family.

Well, wrapping up right now. I don’t updates these days in this website & as i came across here i couldn’t stop myself from going back to those days. So i thought writing them as my memory in this page.

Everyone has their own story, this is mine.

Thanks for stopping by.